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CSM Ingredients Ltd
28 Elsinore Road
Old Trafford
Manchester , M16 0WF

0151 343 3300

Products list

  • Alternative to Dairy Cream
  • Baking Powders
  • Bread Improvers
  • Bread Mixes
  • Bun Mixes
  • Buttercream Alternatives
  • Cake Mixes
  • Caramel
  • Choux Paste Mixes
  • Confectionery Mixes
  • Custard Mixes
  • Doughnut Mixes
  • Fats & Oils
  • Foodservice Mixes
  • Glazes
  • Icings
  • Jellies
  • Marshmallow
  • Mould Inhibitors
  • Pizza Mixes
  • Relaxers (Dough & Pastry)
  • Scone Mixes
  • Soya
  • Tiger Paste

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Company info

CSM is an international leader in the baking industry, producing one of the industry’s broadest ranges of products. We at CSM have all one thing in common: Our hunger for success is fuelled by our passion for ingredients and solutions for business that drive customer growth and success. We offer a broad, innovative portfolio of premium quality bakery ingredients and services. Our  best in class ingredients & solutions  reach artisan and industrial bakeries as well as retail and foodservice markets.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers are better equipped to serve their customers' evolving needs. That’s why CSM connects ingredients and expertise, providing many of the industry’s most trusted brands, including Arkady, Craigmillar, MeisterMarken, Masterline, Marguerite, Waldkorn, Ulmer Spatz and many others. 

CSM serves bakeries and business people with an international presence that includes a vast network of manufacturing, innovation centres and product development facilities. We also maintain strategic partnerships around the world to ensure availability of specialized ingredients, leverage unique product expertise and offer known, trusted brands to help our customers grow their businesses.

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